Friday, December 10, 2010

One red wool sweater

I love working with Felted wool... I've had these projects on paper since last Christmas & thought "You've got months to work on them!" Well, here it is December (it totally snuck up on me) & I'm just working thru my "TO DO list".

I started with one red wool sweater & washed it in HOT water & dried it in HI. The One Sweater will easily give you the following 3 projects:

TREE: Out of card stock, I cut 14, yes 14, circles (the largest circle was 6" diameter, the smallest circle was 1.5" diameter). Each one is about 1/4" smaller ... Don't worry if they are not perfect.
So I'm anal (if you did not know that already) & I punched a hole in them & put them on this handy little ring for safe keeping.
I then started cutting circles from the felted sweater. I cut 2 of every size & 4 of the smaller circles for a taller tree... 38 circles total.
Everyone loves to help with this project - Also save your scraps - we use every little bit.
I used some craft wire & a button for the base & started threading the largest circles on to the wire.
Just keep stacking them up & topped it off with a bell ~ This tree ended up being about 10" tall.
Peepers thougtht this was a fun little tree for him to play with.
WREATH: Cut up your scraps pieces into squares roughly 3/4" x 3/4"
Thread 10 squares on to a 12" piece of craft wire. The add a bell.
Continue with 10 more squares and a bell until you have used 40 squares & 4 bells. Twist the ends of the wire to create a hook
MITTENS: You probably want to do these before you do the wreath. I found this pattern in the latest FAMILY FUN magazine. Download the template from there & cut out your mittens.
I used an 11" ribbon & strung them together

And hung them on the tree.

From this one (Size Small) red wool sweater I made 1 tree, 4 wreathes & 7 pairs of mittens.

I have a bunch of felted sweaters just waiting to be made into something beautiful!
Hope you are inspired to make some Holiday crafts ~ Karla

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