Thursday, February 2, 2012

Key To My Heart Necklace

Hi Everyone,

Valentine's Day is getting close... are you ready?

I was inspired by these glitter keys to make a Key To My Heart Necklace. 

I actually do not use any keys.  I have a GDO (garage door opener)  to my house & a RKE (remote keyless entry) to my car.  I don't even need a key for the ignition.  The only key I use is to my file cabinet at work.  I don't think my employer would appreciate me bedazzeling their property...unless it was the corporate logo :)

We do however have a "junk drawer" in our house that has a boat load of keys. We have no idea what these keys open... but we are too afraid to throw them away for fear we may actually need them some day.  Like for this craft!
My version is much simpler... in digging out my Mod Podge, found that I had some Elmers Glitter Glue & Diamond Glaze that I thought would save me a step or 2 + I would not have to work with Glitter.  I LOVE GLITTER, oh the sparkle, but oh the mess!

Step 1:
Clean key

Step 2: 
Add Glitter Glue, Use a tooth pick to spread around to get nice, even coverage. Let Dry.
Step 3:
Add a coat of Diamond Glaze (or clear nail polish).  Let Dry.
Step 4:
Add ribbon, chain or leather to keys to make your necklace.
I also added a charm & a button for a little extra cuteness.

There are a ton of cute and inspiring Valentine's out there in blogland to make for your kids (or honey).  These are 2 of my Favorites!

Enjoy! Karla


  1. Karla, thanks so much for posting my Army men! You made my day :)

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