Thursday, February 9, 2012

Kisses 25c - Start Saving Your Quarters

Hi All,  I whipped up this Valentine's shirt this past weekend during the Super Bowl.  Let's face it, since the Packers weren't playing (BOO HOO HOO) I was only half watching it.  So I was  half munching on appetizers and half working on this shirt. 

I had not really planned on making Peepers a Valentine's Shirt this year, but I found a red 3T shirt stashed away (I'm sure I intended on doing something with & just never got around to it).  So I thought I better make something with it & quick before he grows out of it.  I came up with a simple shirt that I knew I already had everything I needed to make it.
  • Striped fabric
  • Silver fabric
  • Cross stitch thread
  • Scissors, thread, needle, pins etc...
I used the  Reverse Applique technique that I have used on many projects. 
 Here is a back view.
 As a last minute addition, I added sleeves to the shirt by just following one of his existing shirts for the size.  I pinned the sleeve on & stitched it to the shirt following the existing hem sleeve.
 I used the psychedelic silver fabric to cut out a coin (I used a spool of thread as my circle template).  I've had the silver fabric in my stash for about 15 years & just knew there would be a need for it someday.
 I free handed the word "KISSES" and used Back Stitch technique and cross stitch thread to hand embroider the word.
 I had to bribe my model for a few photos.

Thank you, Karla

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