Thursday, June 10, 2010

Big Flower Tee

Don't you just hate it when you just replenished your white tees for summer & you get a stain right on the front. UGH!!! So what to do??? I added a big flower on the front. For a full tutorial go here. She made this on a pillow with felt & I thought it turned out Gorgeous!
I had this very pale pink fabic on hand that I cut the circles from - you can create a template or use whatever you have to trace a circle.
I cut 30 large & about 40 small. I have 6-10 left over from each size. Cut your circles in half.
I then laid a paper plate in the center of the shirt to use as a guidline for the outer petals. You have to work quickly as little finger like grab them for their own.
Over lap the petals slightly so they lay nicely in a circle. Then stitch them down. Lay the second circle of petals is about 1/2" inside the first circle. As needed, you can pleat the flowers so they fit into the circle. As you continue to create more circles of petals, you can see that the stain will be covered.

I used the large petals for about 4 circles, then switched to the smaller circles. Once I got closer to the center, I trimmed down the smaller petals to that I could still form a circle. At the very center, I just cut a circle to cover what was exposed of the white tee. I knew that the weight of the upper petals would cause them to flop over once I would wear the shirt. So I stitched them down with a contrast thread... just like you would cut a pizza.
This is how I attached the center circle. I did have to tack down a random petal here & there to keep them from flopping down. For this I used thread that matched the petals, so you can't really see it.
Finished Shirt... No visible stain! I really like how this shirt turned out!

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