Sunday, June 13, 2010

Kerchief Skirt

Hi All, I'm entering an on-line contest for a skirt I made. I'm entering it in the "Straight Skirt" category at THIS BLOG.

The rules were very loose... Luckily it can be any skirt you ever made! I was originally thinking of entering my 6th grade 4-H project. It was a ditsy floral print on a navy blue ground. It had 3 gathered tiers with white lace in between each tier. My Grandma taught me everything I needed to know about sewing & this was my first project we ever worked on together. I remember more that once she made me rip it out & do it over. I also remember even throwing it in the garbage. Now look at me! I give her credit for all the sewing skills I have. Since this skirt was "no longer available", I'm entering my kerchief skirt.

I made about 7 years ago. I purchased a basket of old hankies at an estate sale for $1.00 each. There was over a dozen & I just fell in love with them.

There was no pattern, I just started laying them out to see what ones looked good together. I knew I wanted it to be bias & that I DID NOT want a kerchief hem (too predictable). Then I just started to sew then together. Many of the seams overlapped, so you can see the scalloped edge detail. One I got a few sewed together I used a tried & true skirt pattern to make sure I was making it the correct size. I just make the waist elastic & lined it with a white fabric I had on hand.

Wish me luck in the contest.

Thanks, Karla

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