Friday, June 25, 2010

Lacing Cards

I loved lacing or sewing cards as a kid A few weeks ago Peepers came home with a note on his daily sheet from school that their afternoon activity was lacing cards.

I thought, How great would it be to make him some!

I "Googled it" & came across this web site with printables for lacing cards. They recommend laminating the paper, But I wanted something more sturdy, so I used left over cardboard from this project & Mod Podge.

I printed out a bunch I thought were fun.Cut them out, leaving a decent boarder & Mod Podged the picture on to the cardboard. I Use my Pampered Chef Scraper to make sure it is smooth & that there are no air bubbles. Once Dry, I cut it out again & Mod Podge scrap book paper on to the back of the cardboard.

Let that dry good & punch holes around the edges. I did them about 1" apart & 1/2" in from the edge. This KILLED my hand. I had to have Hubby help :) He suggested using a 1/4" drill to make the holes... I just might on the others.
A few shoe laces from teh Dollar Store & you are ready to go.I have more just waiting to be assembled - I hope to give these a a little gift to a new older brother & sister.

Thank You, Karla

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