Sunday, January 15, 2012

Today Is My Birthday

Yes, Today is my Birthday. However, the miracle of my birth is not the only reason for celebration.  The real miracle & cause for celebration is the fact that there is there is NO SNOW this year in MINNESOTA.
Yeah, we have had a few dustings, like the 1" we rec'd yesterday.  But we have had unseasonably warm weather & it pretty much melts in a day. 
Here is my front yard.
There are a few spots that don't get much sun, where there is still a thin layer of snow, but the grass is still poking thru.

So in the 40+ years of my life, this is the first Birthday that I can remember with no snow, zilch, nada, none!
And let's be honest, after last year's horrendous winter,  a mild, snow free Christmas & Birthday is just fine with me.  Happy Birthday to Me!

 Karla :)

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