Sunday, January 22, 2012

Birch Wreath

Hi All, I have actually had this idea in my head since summer, but you know how that goes...

I was aiming to get this post ready for Christmas, but that didn't happen either.  So here is it January & I'm finally getting around to editing the photos to post. 

You may not know this, but I'm a little obsessed with Birch Branch Bark.  Almost as bad as I was with Crackle paint in 1998 -  I'm trying not to take it quite that far (FYI - I'm still living with some crackle furniture that I can't afford to replace & an not sure if I can paint over it).

Here are some things I have made from birch:

 Birch Ornaments from my blog from 2010.

So on to the Birch Branch Wreath...

You'll need:
Large Wreath:
Heavy Gauge wire (I used 16 gauge  from JAF)
40 2" Birch Branch discs with a  1/4" hole drilled in the center (Thank you Bradford for all the cutting of a Birch Branch for this project!)
4 1.5" wool felted balls
ribbon (or something to hang wreath with)

Here is an easy tutorial to follow to make Felted Wool Balls if you do not want to buy them pre-made.

Small Wreath:
Heavy Gauge Wire
20 1" Birch Branch discs with a 1/4" hole drilled in the center
8 jingle bells

When I first rec'd my box o' wood from my Brother In Law Bradford,  it was still pretty damp from being freshly cut.
 So I spread then out on a window screen to dry for a few days.

Then drilled 1/4" holes in the center (sorry no photo, but I think you can visualize).
For the Large Wreath, I grouped 40 2" birch discs together in 4 piles of 10.
I then put 10 birch discs on the heavy gauge wire thru the drilled hole...
 Followed by a wool felted ball & kept repeating that pattern until I had used up all 40 birch discs & all 4 wool balls.
 For the Small Wreath, I grouped 20 1" birch discs together in 4 piles of 5.  Placed 5 on the wire followed by 2 bells & repeated pattern until all 20 birch discs & 8 bells were on the wire.

Using my pliers, I bent the 2 ends of the wire into a little hook, looped them around each other & pinched the hooks closed.  I tried to close the entire hook as much as possible so that the wire would fit thru the 1/4" hole & not be seen.

Tie on some ribbon, raffia, twine or scrap fabric.
Hang & Enjoy

Thank you, Karla

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